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Empowering Youth For The Future (EYFTF)

The EYFTF program provides homeless youth with basic necessities such as, clothing, food, hygiene items, school supplies, case management, housing if needed, as well as, resources for medical care, counseling, and tutoring.  In addition to basic necessities, HYC provides youth with life skills training and mentoring.  Classes include college prep, employment and career development, cultural diversity, fiscal literacy, and independent living skills.

Mentors are community volunteers that assist the youth with their plan for the future.  Most students want to go to college, enter the military or participate in a vocational training program.  Working with the case managers, mentors help the youth create a plan to achieve their goals.

Basic Needs

HYC was founded on the idea of providing basic needs so that homeless youth have the items they need to go to school.  Thanks to the generosity of community donations homeless youth have access to clothing, hygiene items, school supplies, food cards, and bedding.

Case Management

Most of us have the opportunity of turning “possibilities into excellence” every day.  HYC kids have encountered many unexpected challenges that require greater effort, a myriad of coping mechanisms, the continual development of insight, the courage to move forward and the art of resiliency.  In order to meet these needs, they need professional leadership as their “North Star” — a guiding force.  The EYFTF program offers this leadership through an “umbrella approach” of case management, program supervision, counseling, community outreach, and community inclusion.

Through the EYFTF program we can help youth implement case plans that will move them forward promoting individual accomplishment that ultimately builds confidence and avoids distress.  This model goes beyond providing the basic necessities; it advances our youth through identification of natural and community supports, resources and interests, education, employment, and coping mechanisms that result in real life experiences.

Host Family

To address housing needs, HYC has implemented a Host Family program. Host homes are a low-cost, community-engaging strategy to address the immediate need without incurring the high costs of operating an emergency shelter or transitional housing program. The host family provides shelter, food and sometimes transportation for youth, while the organization delivers case management services.

According to the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth, the host family model is the most effective method in addressing housing for homeless youth. There is almost a 100% success rate for youth participating in this type of program to graduate from high school.

Placing youth in a home setting allows them to build stronger relationships and interpersonal skills, experience stability in their home life, learn positive life skills that will help them transition to independence, and help motivate them to attain this quality of life in adulthood.

Life Skills

HYC was founded thanks to the collaborative efforts of local service organizations and the ecumenical community. HYC immediately partnered with the local high school to determine and address the actual need of homeless youth in the community. Since then, HYC has created new and strengthened existing collaborations with community agencies, schools and businesses to provide a wide-range of services. In addition to providing basic needs, HYC helps youth identify and develop a plan for the future this may include college, vocational training or the military. HYC works with Phoenix Workforce Connections, West-MEC, Genesis Youth Program ,Goodwill Industries, local military recruitment offices and Maricopa County community colleges. HYC is in the process of expanding our partners to include local trade unions and specialty colleges.

HYC provides mentors to help youth develop a step by step process for achieving their plan for the future. Mentors are members of the ecumenical community, service organizations and community volunteers. To address the housing need for unaccompanied homeless youth, HYC developed the Host Family program. HYC established partnerships between school organizations, service organizations and the ecumenical community within the school district to establish the host homes and provide a support network to assist with transportation, tutoring, meals and other needs.

Teen Exchange

Currently, HYC provides homeless youth with clothing, hygiene items, school supplies, bikes, and more.

If you would like to donate teenage or young adult clothing, hygiene items, or school supplies, please drop them off at our offices any time Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.  For bikes and other large items, please contact our office at 623-374-3747 to schedule a time for drop-off.  Watch our Facebook page for updates on specific needs for the Teen Exchange.