Chance Bogart

Community Engagement Manager

Someone once told Chance, “life is about taking chances and throwing yourself into an adventure”. Fortunately, he was given the name Chance and now only had to worry about finding an adventure. Chance graduated Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Strategic Communication and Emphasis in Public Relations. He also has more than ten years of work experience under his belt, including marketing, event coordinating, social media management, customer service, and child development. With his life experiences being primarily work and school, he was ready to add world traveler to the list.

For almost fourth months, Chance and his sister traveled throughout Europe. There they were able to call 10 different countries home! When their traveling funds began to run out, Chance’s sights shifted to a new chapter. He was eager to get started on his next big adventure, known as “the real world,” or what he likes to call, “my life that can make a difference.” Since an early age, Chance has been making a difference to children in need. Through his parent’s work, he has helped kids in his father’s school and his mother’s nonprofits that focused on children and families experiencing homelessness. Because of his experiences, it was a natural transition to want to work at Homeless Youth Connection. It wasn’t by chance that he made his way to HYC, but with a desired passion to help make a difference in a world he has been so fortunate to see through many lenses.